Welcome to the Nappy Calculator

Welcome to the Nappy Calculator!

Below you will find a breakdown of the cost of using cloth and disposible nappies so you can compare the two against each other. If you are planning on using both you can fill in the details for both sides and add the totals.

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Cloth Nappies

$ 980
Cost of Nappies $

Cost of nappies is $ 750.00

Cost of a Laundry Cycle $



Cost of one laundry cycle is $ 0.63

Cost of a year of Laundry days.

Number of washes over 2.5 years is a total of 365 washes.

Cost of laundry for 2.5 years $ 230

Final Cloth Calculation

Total Cost = Nappies + Laundry

$ 980 = $ 750.00 + $ 230

Disposible Nappies

$ 2815
Cost of Disposible Nappies $

Cost of nappies is $ 2290.75

Number of Nappies per day makes 1800 nappies.

per day makes 3650 nappies.

per day makes 1095 nappies.

Total number of nappies used 6545

Cost of Wipes


Total of 13090 used at a cost of $ 524

Final Disposable Calculation

Total Cost = Nappies + Wipes

$ 2815 = $ 2290.75 + $ 524